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Bloggers’ app by Bea Santos

10 Aug 2018

Have you seen some Instagram photos and wondered how they can look so good? I have some tips today that will help you take and edit beautiful photos, just like the photos of your favorite bloggers

The first app I’ll talk about is Huji, which has a super cool functionality. It adds the date to your pictures, just like some old cameras used to. This app is nice because it also has some different effects to add to your photos.

Photo by @Viihrocha

The only issue about this app is that you can only take photos through its camera, and then you can edit them. If you want to edit a picture that’s already in your camera roll, you will need to pay to unlock functions. It’s quite cheap! If you like the app it is worth paying to have it.

The second app I’ll talk about is Lightroom. It’s the app that bloggers use to makes their photos beautiful and has different effects. Some bloggers are also selling presets for you to edit your photos. But, if you don’t want to buy them you should just search for free tutorials on YouTube!

Finally, I’ll tell you about app 3D Effect, which adds a really nice 3D effect to your photos. It would be nice to end the monotony of your feed and drop using the same old effects and add some spice to your Instagram. Right?

So, did you like my tips? It’s really nice to use apps with such different effects because your Instagram feed becomes a lot more fun. No more excuses to gawk at celebrities’ photos. Get your phone and edit your photos!

XOXO and see you next time!