10 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Picture with AirBrush

Whether you’re trying to achieve the perfect selfie or the perfect portrait, you need to know how to enhance your good side, play with lighting, and eliminate any unwanted wrinkles or blemishes. Here’s how you can achieve the most beautiful picture of yourself.

  • Make sure you have a clean photo. This means cropping out any random background items that you can. It’s better that they just aren’t there! Airbrush has a very precise cropping tool that will make it easy.
  • Use the Acne tool” to disguise any blemishes. The “Acne” tool in AirBrush is incredible. You can specifically pinpoint zits or pimples and the program will instantly get rid of them!
Zit acne
Bye Acne Zit Removed
  • If you have a lot of wrinkles or fine lines that you want to cover up, use the “Firm” feature to trace and eliminate them as well!
  • 4. Play with the lighting. One of the most amazing features of AirBrush is the ability to change where the lighting source is coming from! The “Relight” tool allows you to move the light source to the most flattering position.
relight menu
Relight used
  • Use the Beauty Magic section to do any reshaping or resizing of your facial features! This is a really useful tool since we all have areas we wish were different!
  • Smooth out any other general lumpy areas that have blemishes with the Smooth effect. This is great for lessening the prominence of freckles and birthmarks. It should be your last step as the above features are much more precise!
smooth menu
smooth applied
  • Finish all of your skin touch-ups and lighting changes before you start playing with the “Color” tool! You want to have a smooth surface to work with when you reshape and alter the photo. Thus, you don’t want to have the colors get in your way.
  • Enhance any unique composition items in the photo. If you have some cool streetlights in the background, use the “Bokeh” feature to make them stand out! You can also blur the background to keep the focus on the subject.
  • Make use of the “Enhance” option. Because there are so many other features to use, sometimes the typical saturation, exposure, and temperature get lost. Don’t forget that the foundation matters! Use these to keep the flowery edits from falling flat on an
    unprepared photo!
  • The last tip we have is that you want to save any filters for last. You don’t want to try to wrestle with getting your edits to match your filter. You want your filter to match your edits! AirBrush has several great filters that you can use, and they allow you to play with
    the intensity of them!
Filter menu
filter applied

There you have it! Those are our top tips for creating the perfect picture of yourself through the AirBrush App. Every formula needs to be tinkered with, so try new things and figure out what works for you! Your gorgeous self will shine through no matter what.