Hair Dye for Every Skin Tone

Want a new hairdo for fall? Using Hair Dye on AirBrush, you can choose from an array of hair color options, perfect for any complexion.

New Hair Dye Colors

The new Hair Dye colors are here! From a stylish blue to an intense black, discover the 9 new colors in addition to the 10 pre-existing ones!

How to use: Hair Dye

The Hair Dye feature allows you to transform your hair in every picture with access to 10 different colors and styles. Try them all!

Different Hair Dye Styles

This week we released a new tool under the Retouch tab in your AirBrush app. Have you tried it yet? If not, we wrote a post about it explaining to you how to use it, Hair Dye. We recommend you check it out if you haven’t done so.

Hair Dye, an AirBrush Introduction

We have an early Christmas gift for you! If you haven’t updated your AirBrush app yet, do so now. You will see a new tool that appears under the Retouch tab called Hair Dye.

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