How to use: Highlighter

Using the Highlighter will create depth and accentuate your features. It will also allow you to increase the lighting of specific areas in your photo.

4 Ways to Get Steamy for the Elite Premier

We’re all allowed a guilty pleasure every now and then, and we’re not ashamed to admit that Elite is one of ours! It’s been a while since we’ve binge-watched all …

Red Carpet Ready, Oscars Edition

What we can say is that y’all better get your glitz ready because we have just the tools to get you golden for the Oscars. So, find a gown and carpet.

Happy National Gardening Day to all our Plant Parents!

Plants have become more popular than shoes! So on National Gardening Day we want to honor the babies that green up our homes and clean up our oxygen (that’s what they do, right?). Here are easy tips for a plant parent post.

Get That Huji Vibe

hile you might think you’ll have to dig up an old Fuji disposable camera to get that popular Huji vibe, we’re here to tell you AirBrush continues to be the only photo editing app you’ll ever need.

3 Ways to Get Festive this Easter!

Who isn’t obsessed with Easter vibes? Well we wouldn’t want this holiday to pass you up without 3 splendid ways to get all the way #festive. How does one get festive on Easter? Makeup Filters!