Matte Magic

No one likes to get a picture back and catch an oily face, right? Dewey, yes. Oily? No. Oil is for french fries not the face. Introducing the Matte tool!

Fall Colors Tool Magic

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Yes,  you can! Just use  the Colors tool! An easy way to enhance autumn colors, spring colors, all colors actually. …

How to use: Beauty Magic

The Beauty Magic tool automatically changes the tools within the Retouch menu, giving you a flawless photo without having to go too deep into the edits.

AirBrush’s Beauty Magic

We recently posted a blog post about all the free features that the AirBrush app has to offer. This time we’ll cover AirBrush’s Beauty Magic free features!

It’s Magic, You Know!

We recently added some tools to the AirBrush app in Beauty Magic, and we would love to explain to you how each of them works!

AirBrush Video

With our diverse range of features and easy-to-use tools, you can transform your videos into likeable, sharable works of art! Retouch: Fine-tune the details to refine your vision. Effect: Make …