Crisper, Cleaner Photos With Whiten

Introducing the Whiten tool! This tool allows you to bleach any surface into a porcelain beauty. The cleanest Hwhite you’ve ever seen. Trying to figure out when this would come in handy? Don’t fret! We’re going to cover each of the Whiten tool’s best uses.

How to use: Whiten

Smiling is a great feeling but sometimes it’s difficult to have confidence in your smile, for those days, you can count on AirBrush’s Whiten feature

Whiten Tricks

White-bright smiles make a person look better, why? Because no one really likes to have bright yellow teeth. Yellow teeth only show a lack of hygiene. There are many reasons why someone’s teeth may not be pearly white, though, there is also the other side of the spectrum of them being too white. Neither color is healthy.


“Clean Effect” is basically a standardization of colors and edits to create a visual harmony between your photos, that is, for a photograph to become clean, just leave it in lighter and cooler shades, such as white for example.

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