Sculpt 2.0

With the Sculpt Tool of course. The Sculpt Tool allows you adjust virtually any part of your face to make sure every picture is your best picture.

AirBrush Premium Feature: Sculpt

No more bad angles, no more lost features, from now one it’s only perfect pictures with the perfect photo editing tool, Airbrush Premium.

How to use: Sculpt

The Sculpt feature effortlessly and precisely reshapes your face; every facial feature; eyes, nose, lips, jaws and eyebrow.

6 Ways to ‘Gram like a Gemini

Today we’re gonna tap into tall those Gemini vibes and make your next decision a little bit easer. Here are 6 different ways to ‘gram like a Gemini.

New Teeth Who Dis

our brand spanking new Teeth Tool is here and ready to revamp that gorgeous smile of yours. So, snap that pic, open your AirBrush App and gear up, we’re about to get flossy.

4 Tools for the Perfect Eyebrow Edit

Well guess what? We’re here to banish all these problems with 4 quick tips to the perfect eyebrow edit. Put away the tweezers, this is going to be a clean job.

Starry New Backgrounds

Announcing *new* cosmic Backgrounds. You are made of stars. Stay calm and connect with the cosmos in your next photo.


Fast + Powerful + Easy AirBrush Premium has everything you need to edit your photos like a PRO. Sculpt: Instantly transform your photo by fine-tuning and redefining your features. Relight: …