A Guide to Valentine’s Day Content for your Brand

If you’re not sure if your brand should participate in Valentine’s day, we’re here to tell you, “Absolutely, yes!”. There are a lot of observances and not all of them are meant for every brand to work with. However, Valentine’s Day content is in the top five on the list of annual events a brand should incorporate into its content calendar. It’s easy to feel intimidated, especially if your brand isn’t typically associated with romance. But a little imagination can take care of that problem because there is something you and your audience love about your brand. You just have to find it. Keep reading and AirBrush will show you how to create pro-level promotional content for the day of love. 

Hair Dye

young woman in front of blue curtain

The category is…romance! If you want to reflect the right vibe for Valentine’s Day content, the elements for your V-Day edit need to adhere to this touch point. One way to tap into that vibe is with theme colors. One place to apply a classic Valentine’s shade of red, pink or purple. You can reuse an old photo of a model or brand ambassador or snap fresh photos if necessary. Alternatively, you can choose the most flattering shade for the photo subject in our Hair Dye menu.


Valentine’s Day content - makeup

Valentine’s Day content calls for makeup. Remember, your visuals need to clearly communicate your participation in the trend, so an appropriately glamorous or romantic makeup look can initiate this. That being said, we want your content to stand out, in the best way. Fortunately, you don’t personally have to coordinate a romantic makeup look. We’ve curated Valentine’s Day Makeup looks made just for this romance-filled season.


Valentine’s Day content - background

Next, you have the choice to introduce a Valentine’s day backdrop that catches the viewers’ eyes. If your business is not actually in the business of romance, we suggest a more “commercial” background setting. Transport your pic, virtually, using our Background tool, because we’ve included a series of backgrounds that will set the perfect lovey-dovey mood for your Valentine’s Day content. Our Background tool comes with a Valentine’s day selection, but if you’ve got something specific in mind, you can upload any photo you like.


woman with bubblegum hair

It’s important to convey a direct Valentine’s day message, to once again make it clear to your audience that you’re participating in the trend. Whether you go serious or comical, Text will get the point across. This tool allows you to apply copy to your edit to either express your appreciation for your audience or communicate what Valentine’s day special your brand has on offer. As with every other AirBrush tool, it’s completely intuitive and easy to use.


woman in beige body suit

Finally, you’ll want to tie the content asset together with a Filter overlay. Filters help fuse the layers of your edit for a seamless result. We’ve got a collection of Filters to really make your Valentine’s Day content aesthetic. You can set the mood, ranging from bright and open to sultry and mysterious. There are seasonal Filters out now and a romantic pick can be found under the light and delicate effects of our spring filters.

Valentine’s Day content - before and after

That’s it! Five steps to Valentine’s Day content that anyone can pull off. Creating content for Valentine’s is a great way to showcase your brand voice and target your ideal client. We can think of no better way to send a virtual Valentine’s to your followers. When you get to posting, let us know you used AirBrush, the easy photo editor by tagging the pic with #AirBrushApp. Then make sure to follow us @AirBrushOfficial on Instagram for all our latest tips, tricks and hacks!