Landscapes on focus by Thay

01 Aug 2018

Hello everyone!
On today’s post I’ll give you some inspirations for photographing landscapes. All pictures shown here were taken by me and were posted on my Instagram @hithayna. Check them out <3

Landscape photos tend to work well when taken in the daytime. Bearing this in mind, your pictures will look even better if taken at different times of the day. Want an example? Think of pictures of the sunset standing out the background.! If you don’t mind getting up early, taking a picture of the sunrise may be a great call.

Coconut trees
Coconut trees are, without a doubt, the most photogenic trees you’ll ever see! So, if you see one of them, get your camera ready. Pictures from all angles are worth the shot.

Landscapes with people
A landscape alone can be a beautiful photo. It’s even better if you’re a part of it. Go out there, be part of the nature and make the shot spectacular.! Use all angles to your favor, including the sunset.

This is all guys <3
Did you like this post? Are you inspired and ready to dive into landscape photos? I would like to see your photos!

XOXO and see you in my next post! <3