Friendship Day Edits

30 Jul 2020

Nowadays, friends are one of the things we can’t live without. Whether they are old friends or new ones, we choose these people to be part of our lives and share a special bond with them. Whether you have a big group or only a few friends, older or younger friends, all friendships must be celebrated!

This is what Friendship day is for: to celebrate all friends around the world! This tradition was originally founded in 1919 by Hallmark Cards, Inc. the day was initially intended to be celebrated by sending cards to each other.

As the years went by, this tradition shifted and today we aren’t sending cards anymore, but taking pictures of each other and sharing them on our social networks. However, friendship photos are not always easy to take as you have to please everyone in the photo. Read below to find our photo hacks and editing tips for the perfect ‘friendship’ picture! 

And if your best friend is your doggo, well, we also have a post for that! Check our ‘Picture of pets: the guide’ article! 

Enjoy each other’s company 

One of the key elements of a good friendship is to enjoy each other’s company. This little moment is what makes us happy. Whether you are in the mood for a coffee, a bottle of wine, or simply a relaxing moment on the couch, having friends around makes the difference. Show this good atmosphere in your pictures by setting a tripod and letting it roll. Just act like the camera wasn’t there. This will create very natural photos without having to pose. 

Get really close 

Show your friends some love and hug them! The warm feeling of a hug will not be temporary but will last forever and the picture will act as a reminder of your friendship. 

The quick edit: use the Filter feature to adjust and make the colors in your picture more vibrant. Simply jump from filter to filter until you find the one you like the most.  And if you want to go for a more sophisticated picture, use the B&W filters.

Share your success 

Friends are present for the good and the bad times. Usually we don’t tend to take pictures of our bad moments, so let’s celebrate our joy and success with a picture! This will create an eternal souvenir that you’ll share with your grand-children one day.

The quick edit: make your successful moment shine even more with the Diamond Filter!

Twin for the picture

Some of the best friendship shots are dressing up, putting make-up on, and organizing a photo-shoot with your friends. This creates days of fun by trying new outfits, posing, and strengthening your bond together. And if you’ve never done it, ring your bestie straight away, and get on it!

The quick edit: If you decide to wear colorful clothes, use the Color tool to make them pop! 

Pose like in boy / girl band 

If you are lucky enough to have a crew ready to follow you everywhere make them pose like a boy/ girl band! This pose will create an interesting and mysterious atmosphere in your photo, a bit like ‘Your crew vs the rest of the world’. 

Laugh it out 

The best thing about having friends is that they are here for you, as much as you are there for them. We often choose our friends based on their personality and what we like about them. To capture your friendship and each of your personalities in a picture, simply laugh it out! Have a joke or two (especially if one of you is a dad joke maker) and take the shot right in the middle of the laughter.

The quick edit: afraid to laugh out loud because you’re not 100% confident in your smile? Just let yourself go and use the Whiten feature of the AirBrush app. This will help whiten any chosen area of your picture. Remember for more accuracy, zoom in as much as needed.

Party together  

Have you ever been to a party without a friend? And where you didn’t know anyone? Well, these parties always end in disastrous situations. Take your friend to the party with you, look out for each other, and create amazing memories.

Go for an adventure 

Adventures must be shared. Whether you’re going away for the weekend, a camping get-away, or summer vacation, these holidays are always better with a friend. Enjoy this time together to explore, relax, and understand each other better. Giving even more strength to your friendship.

The quick edit: use the Vignette feature to accentuate the contrast with the background and give your picture a nice frame.

Be crazy together

And lastly, celebrate your friendship by not only being yourself around each other, but also being crazy together! Capture these precious moments in a shot and keep them close to you forever.

Happy Friendship Day to you and all your friends! This year more than ever celebrate each other with love and kindness and may your friendships last forever! Show us how you spend your friendship day with your chosen family on your socials with the hashtag #AirBrushApp and join us on Instagram at @AirBrushOfficial!