Indoor pictures hack

23 Jul 2020

When the whole world is at home to avoid the pandemic crisis of 2020, the only thing left to do is to update your social feeds with indoor pictures. With not enough space nor lights, indoor pictures are often left out as they can be quite difficult to take. But the AirBrush team has planned everything. Check our latest article, Get inspired to take pictures at home, to get all the inspiration and tips needed when it comes to taking indoor pictures. And once you have the perfect shot, head to the Airbrush app to edit it! Check our indoor pictures editing hack below: 


This feature is ideal when it comes to indoor pictures. The Bokeh tool blurs your background and accentuates the artificial lights present in your pictures giving them a touch of magic. Now you only have to choose which shape you’ll go for, Round, Triangle, Hexagon, or Heart. For more accuracy, don’t forget the Smart Select option. This one erases the Bokeh effect in the selected area. 

Pro tip: By using fairy lights, lamps, or lanterns you’ll create a soft, golden light ideal for using the Bokeh tool. 

Glitter and Diamond

Once you’ve used the Bokeh feature, add extra style to your pictures with Glitter and Diamond. These two features will create a unique style, giving your Instagram feed the extra attention it deserves. 

Pro tip: to use two different Glitter colors, save your picture after each color. 


The Filter feature of the AirBrush app is just amazing. You can decide to edit your picture in either cold or warm tones, add a retro effect, or simply go for black & white. The Filter tool gives you all the possibilities to create the perfect indoor photo! Filters also help to automatically adjust the light sources in your picture. 

Pro tip: Lighting is complicated to deal with when taking indoor pictures. Try taking your pictures by the window. Depending on the hour of the day, the light will differ. For soft light, shot in the early morning. Towards the evening, the light will be harsher with more shadows. But the best time to shoot will still be the golden hour in the late afternoon. 


Another way to make your indoor pictures unique is to use props. Whether it is a newspaper, book, phone, or a plant; using your everyday life object to complement your picture is always a good idea. Make the props pop with the Colors feature, this will create even more unique photography! 

Pro tip: If you choose to use plants and pots as a prop; check out our 5 editing tricks to take pictures of plants at home

Ready to try our indoor picture hacks? Head to the AirBrush app asap! We can’t wait to see all your homemade pictures on your Instagram feed. Make sure to tag us with the hashtag #AirBrushApp, and get a chance to be featured on our official account @AirBrushOfficial