3 Great Tools to Give yourself an Instant Glow Up

You know the real difference between your photos and all those glow up photos on your scroll? The professional touch! It’s either professional makeup or professional lighting or professional editing …

Rainbrows! How-to

Rainbows. We all love them. Eyebrows. We all have them (we hope…). In what world do these all come together? Rain-brows.

Sour About It

We’re obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour.

We’re Hardcore about Cottage Core

Scientists still can’t answer this pressing question but what we can answer is how to get that cottage core aesthetic with a couple whips of a finger and a basket full of freshly picked herbs. Are you ready for the simple life? Let’s go!

Coming to America: Edits fit for Zamunda Royalty

Happens to the best of us. Since you’re on your way back to Zamunda a la’ Coming to America you might as well get your royal portrait ready ahead of time. Here are your hot tips to becoming the King of Zamunda.

She-E-O is the New CEO

While we work to even out the playing field, it’s no question that the She-E-O is the new CEO. and we love to see it. While becoming a business shark takes brains and wit, it doesn’t hurt to keep that image on lock.