August Horoscopes (Part II)

Happy Leo season! Here is Part II of your August horoscope and the AirBrush filter most aligned with your zodiac sign this month.

August Horoscopes (Part I)

Happy Leo season! Here is your August astrological forecast and the AirBrush filter most aligned with what the stars have in store for your sign this month.

How to take perfect selfies at home

Selfies are basically self-portrait photography. They have become a part of our everyday life. Either you take a selfie or see someone taking one.

Friendship Day Edits

Whether you have a big group or only a few friends, older or younger friends, all friendships must be celebrated!

Indoor pictures hack

When the whole world is at home to avoid the pandemic crisis of 2020, the only thing left to do is to update your social feeds with indoor pictures.

Pictures of pets: the guide

There’s one undeniable thing: pets are members of the family. Owning a pet brings a sense of companionship, a feeling of security, and removes loneliness

How to bring Summer to your pictures?

What is not to like about summer, sunshine, long walks on the beach and the sound of the waves. Summer brings every ingredient needed for a perfect picture!

How to use: My Kit

My Kit is a very handy option that allows you to have all your favorite editing tools in the same spot. The My Kit tool makes it even easier to edit!

Let’s Go to the Cinema

Well, we can’t technically take each one of you to the movies, but we can give you a theatrical experience with some Filters from AirBrush. The first package you have when you click on the Filter tab is Cinema. We want to share some ideas with you when it comes to using this package.

The End of a Great Year!

A few days after Black Friday, we introduced a new tool to the AirBrush app called My Kit. This new feature is a great way to quickly navigate to your chosen tools, you just have to set it up to your preference.