Manifesting is the New Nesting

Today we’ll be manifesting the nest in our hearts rather than the one in our lives. This aspirational practice can help us become more aware of our desires while reinforcing our needs.

The Luv Challenge

The Luv Challenge! For the next 5 days we want to see all your best lovey pics and we want you to decorate them to your heart’s content with a sweet collection of Features, Filters, & more!

Get Moody, the Malcom & Marie Way

Netlix’s latest masterpiece, Malcolm & Marie, is the perfect moody drama for a February night. The film was directed by Sam Levinson and stars John David Washington and Zendaya (who both also produced).They play a director and his girlfriend whose relationship is tested on the night of his latest film’s premiere

Keep it Vibey with these Neon Edits

What’s more vibey than some sick neon lights. Neon is the vibe and the vibe is neon and today guess what, we’re making our very own neon edit.

Bask in the Afterglow

The Afterglow Filter Pack is everything you need to do a steamy edit. Whether it’s artsy drama or a romantic memory, these 7 Filters give you all you’ll ever need.

Edit with Wandavision

Take our Wandavision quiz and find where you and your next selfie belong and how to edit yourself back in time. Let’s go!

What’s your 2021 Vibe

Answer a few questions to help you find out what your 2021 vibe and how to edit it into your photos using AirBrush !