How to bring Summer to your pictures?

What is not to like about summer, sunshine, long walks on the beach and the sound of the waves. Summer brings every ingredient needed for a perfect picture!

How to use: My Kit

My Kit is a very handy option that allows you to have all your favorite editing tools in the same spot. The My Kit tool makes it even easier to edit!

Let’s Go to the Cinema

Well, we can’t technically take each one of you to the movies, but we can give you a theatrical experience with some Filters from AirBrush. The first package you have when you click on the Filter tab is Cinema. We want to share some ideas with you when it comes to using this package.

The End of a Great Year!

A few days after Black Friday, we introduced a new tool to the AirBrush app called My Kit. This new feature is a great way to quickly navigate to your chosen tools, you just have to set it up to your preference.

Season Fit

Happy Holidays, everyone! Some of you may have celebrated Christmas a few days ago, and some other of you are celebrating Hanukkah or your particular festivities. We wish you all the best during these special days, and we are thankful to have you as our AirBrush family.

It’s Capricorn season!

Enjoy the Capricorn period from December 21st to January 20th with AirBrush. And if you’re birthday is between these dates, of course, enjoy it even more! This Earth sign ruled by Saturn is hard-headed, detail-oriented, and very intelligent. Because Capricorns simply know what they want (hence their stubbornness), this post is dedicated to all of you with full energy to control your destiny.

For the Ocasion

December brings a lot of different events that allow us to enjoy our time with friends and family. It is also a high-time for travel and spending the days out in the cold weather. We want to show you a few Filters from AirBrush we think will go perfect for these occasions.

The Holiday Kit

There are endless filters in AirBrush that can be used this month. For instance, if you celebrate Christmas, you want to look for colors that resemble reds, greens, and whites. On the other hand, if you celebrate Hanukkah, you want to look for white, blue, and gold colors.

My Kit

Do you have a list of favorite tools from AirBrush and wish you could get to them more easily? Then, this tool is what you have been waiting for. Managing it is pretty simple, and once you have your desired tools or filters set, you can access them quickly and effectively.

What can Black Friday Bring?

As you shop around this weekend during Black Friday and enjoy all the door-busting discounts, we know you’ll also be taking pictures with your new things. Whenever you decide to post those pictures, we know you’ll be using AirBrush to create some great edits before uploading.

Same selfie, 5 different vibes

Today I wanna show you the Splendor Filters, and how with just one pack of filters you can give a totally different look to your photo. All you need is your favorite selfie. Ready?