How to use: Reshape

The Reshape feature allows you to change the shape of any object. With few taps you can increase or decrease the specific parts that you want the effect on.

Mastering Firm & Reshape Tools

Polishing an image before uploading it gives it the opportunity to look much better and much smoother. Wrinkles, cellulite, and scars are common

Sculpt 2.0

With the Sculpt Tool of course. The Sculpt Tool allows you adjust virtually any part of your face to make sure every picture is your best picture.

AirBrush Premium Feature: Sculpt

No more bad angles, no more lost features, from now one it’s only perfect pictures with the perfect photo editing tool, Airbrush Premium.

How to use: Beauty Magic

The Beauty Magic tool automatically changes the tools within the Retouch menu, giving you a flawless photo without having to go too deep into the edits.

How to use: Sculpt

The Sculpt feature effortlessly and precisely reshapes your face; every facial feature; eyes, nose, lips, jaws and eyebrow.

Holiday Joy

In the last post, we talked about enjoying the Winter Wonderland theme with your AirBrush app and the Retouch tools. We want to continue the theme and show you other ways those same tools can heighten your holiday photos.

Winter Wonderland

In this case, we hope that AirBrush has been a part of your life for a while now, and you are truly enjoying the benefits of all the editing options it has to offer. This holiday season, we want you to feel refreshed and to continue using our tools to edit your festive photos.

It’s Sagittarius Season

agittarians desire change in their life, incline towards spirituality and can be adaptable as well as flexible. They are so easy to get along with and can light up any room. In their love life, Sagittarians are a wild ride, so be ready for anything and everything, but just know they are hard-lovers.

It’s Scorpio Season! 

We entered into the 8th astrological sign of the year. The energy is strong. This water sign ruled by Pluto (Scorpio) which governs power and destruction…