Filters to Catch the Season

You may already be planning your Christmas or other religious festivities for the next few weeks, and we are sure you’re pretty excited to hang out with friends and family. We have mentioned several times before how our AirBrush filters can be a simple addition to a picture, but they can make a huge difference. And, since the season is filled with emotions, excitement, and get-togethers, why not show you some filters that can go along with these events?

Where did all my filters go?

Can’t find your filter packages? Don’t worry! You can find them all by going to the AirBrush Filter Library. Just tap on the + sign located at the end of your filter list.

The best black and white filters

Are you a fan of black and white photos? Check out the filter options available on AirBrush to make your photos even more incredible.

Testing AirBrush Filters by Bea Santos

On today’s post I’ll give you a photo editing tip I love: filters! I’ve been testing some photo editing tools for a while and I found a filter called “Mint” in AirBrush.

Refine Your Selfies with AirBrush Presets 

We think the tools in AirBrush are pretty great. And like all the greats, we want to keep pushing the envelope and developing new features. Therefore, we are pleased to …